The New Ontario’s Minimum Wage

As of October 1st, 2020 the new Ontario’s minimum wage is $14.25 an hour for both full-time and part-time adult employees. Under the Making Ontario Open for Business Act, this increase is tied to the Ontario Consumer Price Index for 2020.

Changes were also made to the general and specialized minimum wage rates, including students and liquor services. Those also may impact your business. The student minimum wage rate went from $13.15 to $13.40 per hour whereas the liquor servers minimum wage is now $12.45 an hour with a previous rate of $12.20.

The chart below outlines all the new general and specialized minimum wages.

Did You Know?

The minimum wage rates may increase on October 1st on an annual basis starting this year. The new rates to come into effect on that day will be publicly shared on or before April 1st of every year.

If a change to the minimum wage rates comes into effect in the middle of an employee’s pay period, the pay period will be treated as if it were two separate pay periods. The employee will be entitled to at least the minimum wage that applies in each of those periods.

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