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Why Choose The VS Accounting Experience?


VS Accounting is where strategic forward thinking meets innovation and growth potential, to implement:

Customized Strategies That Grow with You
Efficiency and Streamlining Processes
High-Performance Monitoring Operations

We have decades of experience, stemming from diverse skill sets and backgrounds. Our highly skilled team of experts stay up to date on all the latest tax laws, regulations, programs, and funding opportunities, so you don’t have to. With us on your side, you can be sure you are accessing your full benefits.

Meet our CEO President Of VS Group

Vincent Shank grew up as the third youngest of eight kids on a 45-cattle dairy farm in Verner, Ontario. Although he has had a passion for farming from a young age, his entrepreneurial spirit always pushed him in the direction of business. Whether this meant more heads of cattle, more efficient processes, better equipment, or bigger profits.

Vincent’s business mind led him to study Business and Accounting where he excelled and graduated top of the class. Vincent was quickly offered a position at the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) working out of North Bay as a CRA Auditor working with businesses across Northern and Central Ontario. For many years he worked hands-on with small business owners and realized his true passion was helping people. He wanted to help businesses and farming operations grow and succeed, much like his father.

In 1997, Vincent Shank officially opened the doors to the head office of VS Accounting in North Bay and soon after diversified his services with VS Marketing and VS Technology to offer the essential services required to remain in business. He then expanded his offices to New Liskeard, Parry Sound, and Huntsville and offered a Small Business Startup Training Program through the Ministry of Training, Colleges, and Universities for over 10 years. With his heart set on helping farmers and business owners with their operations, he quickly grew. VS Accounting specializes in operational planning, business planning, tax services, and seeking out funding opportunities.

Today Vincent is celebrating his 21st year in business with VS Group.

“Growing up as the son of a dairy farmer, taught me important life and family values – Honesty, teamwork, and grit.”

Our Company Vision

Our forward-thinking approach is simple:

  • We offer you the tools and experience needed to operate successfully, steps ahead of the competition.
  • We are aware and in touch with the full spectrum of what businesses need and what they expect.
  • We know that not all entrepreneurs are experts in the balance of planning cash flow to optimize your funds; establishing a marketing plan to increase sales; refinancing to better suit your operations; and setting up your network to run more efficiently.
  • We have listened to the needs of our clients and developed a team to meet their needs.
  • We employ a proactive approach to business, technology, and communications by utilizing a collaborative approach with our clients.
  • We are a fully bilingual firm with a multi-disciplinary structure of people working within the same environment.
  • We serve a diverse list of clients in various industries, in both the private and public sectors, as well as many Non-Profit Organizations.

The VS model encourages an interchange that adds tremendous value to our clients. Since VS Group’s founding in 1997, we have grown to a global team of specialized individuals within our 4 Divisions.

VS Group has an Innovative Concept that no other organization can offer you.

Our Culture

Our diverse employee base allows for an exhilarating mix of personalities and encourages open dialogue and a collaborative atmosphere. We embrace new and efficient technologies that grant us greater capacity to communicate, collaborate and provide training more efficiently between offices and client locations.

Our Mission

VS Group will assist and support our clients on their path to success by providing the highest level of expert services. We place great value and an onus on building customer relationships through mutual trust and integrity. Our team performs on a highly skilled and motivated level and excels within a collaborative dynamic.

Our Values

We strive for a balance between work and personal lives, providing the tools and flexibility to make this a reality. Through a unique office environment, we constantly promote our employees' internal growth and capitalize on all staff's strengths through a team approach. We have a sense of pride in our services to our customers.

Business Services And Support We Offer

For any inquiries, please contact us. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff is here to assist you!

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