Human Resources Support

Helping You Create Performance Efficiencies Within Your Company

Human Resources is a critical component of any healthy and successful company, and serves to facilitate several key functions within the company, acting as a support and liaison between employers and employees. Without a well-functioning human resource department, even if that included a sole human resource facilitator, a company might experience difficulties in attracting and retaining quality, and prospective employees.

How VS Supports You

VS Group has several services available to assist with improving your internal communications, developing employee-training tools, implementing temporary support for employee illnesses and leaves of absence, and assisting with the workload while filling vacant positions.

We all know it can take time and effort to find the right candidate for positions. But that’s only half the battle, as the aim of any company is to not only attract great employee prospects but retain them for years to come. High employee turnover rates can not only be costly but damaging to a company’s reputation when trying to appeal to the trust and confidence of its client base.

Our human resource support services provide your HR department with the full spectrum of support they need to not only make their job easier but create greater efficiencies for the entire company and its employees.

  • Recruitment Campaigns
  • Training Videos
  • Online Training Systems
  • Health & Safety Resources
  • Policy & Procedure Tools
  • Intranet Planning & Development
  • Employee Engagement Campaigns
  • Temporary & Contract Staffing Options

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