Professional Payroll Services

Professional Payroll Services

We offer customized payroll services that streamline the efficiency of your payroll operation in a cost-effective and time-saving manner that emphasizes your bottom line.

Why Outsource to a Professional Payroll Company?

There could be several factors that lead a business to the decision of outsourcing its payroll.

  • It could be too complex or too time-consuming
  • Your business could be experiencing delays in processing due to
    • training issues
    • turnover lag-times
    • illnesses
    • time-off issues
  • You’ve concluded that the costs involved are more effectively delegated elsewhere

Businesses must always consider their bottom line, and what will be most cost and time effective for the company

What are Professional Payroll Services?

Professional Payroll Services offer precise monitoring of employee hours, through clock-in technologies. This technology is effective in managing and monitoring employees who might be over-reporting hours, thus reducing ‘stolen’ company time that costs your bottom line.

While the basic tenet of Payroll Services is to ‘cut checks’, there is so much more involved in the time-consuming process.

  • PPS handles all payroll compliance matters at the provincial and federal levels
  • Processes and distributes electronic payroll records to all employees. ON TIME!
  • Records and monitors employee attendance through clock-in technologies
  • Processes new and existing direct deposit accounts, and updates any changes
  • Ensures ACCURATE payroll taxes and deductions, as well as vacation pay, and STAT or overtime pay
  • Prepares T4 tax forms that must be sent out by Federally indicated deadlines

At VS Accounting we are a highly skilled, highly qualified team of Professionals, ready to take on your Payroll needs and relieve you of the burden of miscalculations, lost timesheets, missing hours, missed deadlines, and any other number of things that could hinder your own business.


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