COVID-19: Funding to Support Local Businesses

It has been a challenging year for businesses having to adjust and shift to online operations and management. Fortunately, the Governments of Canada and Ontario have implemented relief programs to help businesses and organizations. We know it is difficult to navigate all of these programs, and determine which ones you can apply to.

That is why we are currently booking complimentary appointments to help you determine what programs you may qualify for and how to apply. Keep in mind that these programs are very different in their approach and each area in Ontario has its own administrator that oversees these programs.

Here are some of the relief funding programs available.

COVID Technology Adoption Fund (CTAF)

  • Capital grant funding for eligible applicants of up to $10,000 with a
    minimum contribution of 25% from the applicant towards the project
  • Guidance and assistance for applicants

Eligible project types for digital technology and e-business and marketing:

  • Productivity
  • Financial Management
  • Social Marketing Solution
  • Collaboration & Learning
  • Customer Service
  • Mobile Working & Commuting

Northern Ontario Recovery Program (NORP)

Funding will be in the form of a conditional contribution and will normally not exceed $25,000. The NOHFC will cover 100% of eligible project costs. Applicants must demonstrate that the amount requested from the NOHFC is incremental and does not duplicate other supports received.

Eligible Projects:

  • Capital construction
  • Leasehold improvements
  • New or used equipment
  • Restructuring of business operations
  • Marketing for new business initiatives
  • Personal Protective Equipment and customer/employee safety installations
  • Other costs deemed necessary to complete the project at the discretion of the NOHFC

Contact us for more details or make an appointment to get a complete list of the relief programs available.

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