2019 Tax Returns Still Need to be Filed

Although the deadline to file taxes has been extended, the government is still encouraging taxpayers to file their taxes as soon as possible.  This will ensure that your GST, CCB, and other credits for 2020 are properly calculated and you receive your proper payments.

If you are entitled to a refund from your tax return, why wait?  File now and get that money in your pocket!

If you owe taxes, why not get it filed while you may have a little extra time on your hands?  Regardless of when you file, you don’t have to pay any amounts owing until September 2020!

You may be nervous to come into our office to drop off your tax slips, or nervous to try new technologies to electronically submit your files to us, but we’re here to support you, whichever method you prefer.  Our office is still open, if you’d like to drop your files in a box and run.  But if you’re self-isolating, or just prefer to limit your outside interactions, we have the tools to assist you!  Give us a call, or send us an email and we will set up a secure email for you to confidentially email us your tax slips!  Still sound too difficult?  Let us get your slips online from CRA and all you’ll have to do is send us a picture of your property taxes or rent receipts.

Not sure what government supports are available to you right now?  CERB, CEWS, etc.?  We’ll happily discuss which options you may qualify for and how to apply.

An additional safety measure has been put in place for files being dropped off to our offices, the physical files will be placed in a quarantine box for five days before being handled. We have implemented curb-side pick-ups and secure file sharing options in order to service these clients as well, please call for details. We are adapting our business model daily as developments arise and will continue to ensure social distancing guidelines are strictly followed.

A reminder for day-to-day operations are that our extended hours have now been reverted back to our regular hours of 9am to 5pm for our North Bay office and after 7pm and Saturdays by appointment only and can be arranged by calling 705-475-0323.

Thank you for continuing to support our local business!


Vincent Shank, President
VS Accounting



Submit Your 2019 Tax Documents Digitally

We strongly encourage you to submit your tax documents digitally and we are happy to provide support,  instructions and secure digital tools to assist you through this process. We have secure tools in place such as encrypted email transfer and secure online account to accommodate confidential file transfers online.

To get started, call us at 705-475-0323.


Alternative Options for 2019 Tax Return Drop-off Include:
Other options are available if you are unable to use our secure digital tools for any reason.

  • Fax: Fax your tax documents directly.
  • In Person Drop-off: If you prefer to drop off your return, you are welcome to come in if you are feeling well but we ask that you keep your visit brief.
  • Pick-up at the Curb: For those who are unable to fax or transfer your files digitally and do not feel comfortable coming in to the office, we are offering curbside pickup. Simply pull up to the front doors or park in the parking lot and we will come to you.

If these options will not work for you, please call and we will do our best to accommodate you in another manner, to ensure your taxes are filed on time.

Our Payment Options:
We strongly encourage you to make your payment in one of the following ways:

  • E-transfer
  • Online
  • Debit or Credit Card

If you are ready to drop off your return, regardless of how you drop it off, please call us ahead. This will allow us time to prepare your documents ahead and answer any questions you have. 

Thank you for your patience and understanding and thank you for continuing to support our local business!