7 Hilarious Types Of Tax Filers

Which Tax Filer Are You?

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1. The Eager Beaver

January 1 strikes and you are chomping at the bit to get your paperwork. You’ve got your file ready at the top of your neatly organized filing cabinet ready to go. By February 15 (if you can even hold out that long) you are calling HR if you haven’t received your T4 yet.

2. The Team Captain

Where would your family and friends be without you? You single handedly organize the people and paperwork to ensure everyone gets their taxes filed on time. Maybe you’ve picked up and installed this years version of online tax suite with the ability to file 20 returns or you are bringing everyone to a tax shop. Whatever it is you travel with the kids, parents, aunts, uncles, cousins and that nice lady down the street who can’t get out of the house.

3. The Oblivious

What taxes? (Somebody somewhere has already taken care of them.)

4. The Gambler

Of course you hire a professional! But obviously not follow any of their advice. There is no rhyme or reason to your finances, you simply gather whatever receipts and slips you can, bring them in and lay in wait to see if this will be the year you cash in!

5. The Wishful Thinker

Of course I’m organized. I have an accountant, a financial planner, I’ve made all the right charitable donations and I am ready to file! But you procrastinate... and wait for one more receipt... and you’ll organize them Tuesday... and then you look at the date. Nooooo!!!!! Not again!!!! April 29th You casually walk into your Accountant’s office “I’ll take the 24 hour service please”

6. The Cursed

What options do you have left? you have tried and tried and tried and to no avail, you pay every year. Maybe this will be the year you actually get money back!

7. M.I.A.

You act like Harry Potter with his invisible cloak. You haven’t filed your taxes for years and you are so far past the point of no return you spend most of March and April mysteriously disappearing from conversations. Until spring arrives and everyone forgets about taxes. (We can help you 😉 we will even meet after hours lol!)