Tax Planning

We Optimize Your Income By Helping You Make The Right Choices.
  • Efficient Way
    The Most
    To Save You Money
    The purpose of tax planning is to minimize the amount
    • Estate Tax planning
    • Cooperate tax reorganizations
    • Tax strategies
    • Investments
    • RESP
    • CPP
    • TFSA
    of tax that you’ll pay on your annual income tax return.
    • RRSP Contributions
    • Pension Splitting
    • Income splitting
    • Help for a better tax return
    • Tuition Transfer
    • CCB
    • OAS
How much do charitable donations affect my taxes
Will contributing to an RRSP help or should I use a TFSA
Should I buy or lease my business vehicle
VS Accounting has a number of strategies and experienced professionals that can get you started on maximizing your income. Whether it is for an individual, a sole proprietorship or a corporation allow us to help you plan your taxes.