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Tax Appeal Process



Each year the Canadian tax payer is obligated to file an accurate tax return. The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) processes your tax return. Upon the processing of your tax return the CRA will decided whether or not the information you have provided is accurate. Once processed the CRA provides you with a Notice of Assessment, each person who files a tax return will receive a Notice of Assessment.

The CRA may decide to audit you by requesting for more information regarding your taxes.

Once the audit has been completed the CRA will decide whether or not the information you provided was accurate. If the CRA decides that they do not agree with the information that you have provided they will then send you a letter which will inform you about the CRA’s positon and provide some information on how they plan to reassess your tax return this is called a Proposal Letter.

After the audit you will receive a letter for Notice of Reassessment with the amount owed to the CRA. If you chose to object the Notice of Reassessment you must file a Notice of Objection to the Chief of Appeals of the Canada Revenue Agency.

In order to appeal you need to do so 90 days before the date of the notice (not the date you received the Notice of Reassessment). There are two separate streams that the CRA will follow for the appeal process. Depending on your case and the amount you owe you will fall under one of two streams; stream 1 which is a general procedure or stream 2 which is an informal procedure. To further understand the tax appeal process, allow VS Accounting to help guide you along. VS Accounting has over 20 years of experience.