Tax Planning

We Optimize Your Income By Helping You Make The Right Choices.
  • • RRSP Contributions
    • Pension Splitting
    • Income splitting
    • Help for a better tax return
    • Tuition Transfer
    • CCB
    • OAS
    • Estate Tax planning
    • Cooperate tax reorganizations
    • Tax strategies
    • Investments
    • RESP
    • CPP
    • TFSA
    of tax that you’ll pay on your annual income tax return.
    Efficient Way
    The Most
    To Save You Money
    The purpose of tax planning is to minimize the amount
How much do charitable donations affect my taxes
Will contributing to an RRSP help or should I use a TFSA
Should I buy or lease my business vehicle
VS Accounting has a number of strategies and experienced professionals that can get you started on maximizing your income. Whether it is for an individual, a sole proprietorship or a corporation allow us to help you plan your taxes.